Monday, October 29, 2012

Hail the victors

Congratulations to Bruce Bochy and Tim Flannery, World Series champions.

What a run it's been for the two former Padres players and staffers who reunited with the Giants in late 2006.

In two postseasons under Bochy, the Giants have won all six series, defeating six different franchises and twice prevailing as World Series underdogs. I've never seen a manager have a better postseason than Bochy did in 2010.

It's gratifying to see, because having covered all 12 of his teams in San Diego, I found Bochy to be fair-minded, generous, funny, humble and, above all, passionate about his craft.

He's also smarter than he let's on.

Bochy may not have taken the Giants' job if he hadn't persauded Flannery to sign on. The baseball life is a grueling one, and Flannery, able to recharge his batteries in between jobs, has been rewarded with two World Series titles as San Francisco's third-base coach.

They're both decent human beings. That's the takeaway here.

Watching them celebrate in Detroit on Sunday night took me back to the 1984 World Series and the opening two games in San Diego. The Murph was very loud, and it was an organic loud, not the trumped-up loud created by a stadium sound system. It felt like a baseball stadium back then, too,  more open, because the outfield sections hadn't been added for football.

 It seems so long ago.

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