Colonel -- Jerry Coleman.

Death Star -- New York Yankees.

Doogster -- Jed Hoyer,  per, at the time of his hiring, his youthful look and smart vibe that recalled Doogie Howser, M.D.

Garden Snakes -- Arizona Diamondbacks.

Gunslinger -- Kevin Towers, likened to as such by Jeff Moorad.

Loveable Kook -- Heath Bell.

Mr. Freeze -- Bud Black, as dubbed by his Kansas City Royals teammates.

Pepe Negro (Spanish words)  -- Bud Black, as dubbed by his friend and former Angels colleague Joe Maddon.

Sludge Merchant -- How Kevin Towers referred to himself after years of peddling bad contracts and scavenging  low-cost talent. A longtime Padres beat writer gave him the moniker.

Son of Moorad -- Josh Byrnes.

Strategic Thinkers -- Padres baseball front office under Moorad, who upon firing Towers cited a need for more strategic planning.

The Matrix -- Boston Red Sox.

The Smartest Man in Baseball -- Larry Lucchino. John Moores described him as such many times early in their Padres tenure, but not after firing him.

The Tattoed One -- Mat Latos

West Coast Bias -- Sports as seen from the West and this blogger's pen name.